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If you are as passionate about marketing as we are, then choose to work with the local leaders in direct mail and news publishing in the Piedmont NC area. Print advertising is our bailiwick. Let’s talk about how the ever-popular Coffee News, Save Five Bucks, and Massive Mailers can propel your business to the next level.


Piedmont Marketing Solutions cares about small and medium sized businesses.

And we care about advertising that works for small and medium sized businesses.

Print advertising, when done well, creates credibility, trust, and growth.

Larger businesses have larger budgets for experimentation, testing, and branding.

Smaller businesses may not have the time and resources for branding campaigns. They need tangible results.

Over many years, we’ve had thousands of conversations with people in business about every kind of advertising imaginable, and we continually listen for what business owners want and need — and we strive to deliver that.

Our products are designed to meet the current marketing needs of small business owners — people with budgets who want to compete, expand, and thrive.

There are many options in advertising.


SaveFiveBucks allows consumers to save a few dollars while eating out and shopping. Coupons are available on giant postcards by direct mail — in the mail — and on your phone. Brought to you by Piedmont Marketing Solutions, LLC.

Mobile Application

We leverage the power of Mobile Applications to bring consumers more value.

Direct Mail

Direct mail has a 100% open rate and we deliver to thousands of potential clients every month.



We deliver Coffee News 52 weeks a year to restaurants, coffee shops, and anywhere people go to relax and have a bite to eat.


Coffee News has the week’s funniest and most unusual news stories, jokes, trivia, amazing facts, and more.


There’s no bad news here. We seek to provide a big breath of fresh air to readers who are tired of hearing only bad news.

Locally Owned

Here in North Carolina, we’re a family business, owned and operated by Sam and Alicia Post.


Design for you

Custom designed for your business and mailed to the number of homes in the neighborhoods you choose.


We recommend starting small, testing the offer, and then going bigger when the ROI is proven.


The Massive Mailer is highly effective and offers a great return.


We are committed to providing solutions that are tangible, easy to buy, and offer a consistent, positive return on your investment.

Why Choose US

Turn key

You get everything in one place: consultation, design, and distribution. You can explore possibilities and choose the most effective options.

Our Word

Integrity is one of our core values. We will deliver what we promise or do whatever it takes to restore any broken agreements.

Affordable Rates

When advertising is too expensive, then consistency drops off and effectiveness is diminished.

Free Consultation

We love leveraging our experience to create effective marketing campaigns.

Local Focus

Our focus is local. We want to know our customers so that we can work as a team to create solutions that work.

Offline Reach

Tangible, offline media is essential for local business. Clicks are great, but we want to make your phone ring.

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